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Security forces take preparations against terrorism: MoI

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2014)


NATO has enough assisted heavy weapons to Afghan Police, said the ministry of interior affairs.
The interior ministry said that by these weapon equipment they are taking preparations for summer battles.
Afghan Police says about the fifteen percent of the reduction of insecurity all across Afghanistan but at the same time the capital, Kabul witnessed 10 suicide attacks in the last month.
According to the interior ministry, 38 operations are underway all across the country that most of the conflicts are in the provinces such as; Helmand, Badakhshan, Kundoz and Nangahar.
In the meantime, Kabul Police warned the fugitives of Kabul Bank case that they cannot escape from the law.
Kabul Police could arrest 7 persons in relation to the case of Kabul Bank so far.
Afghan security forces of the country claimed that with the arrival of the winter season Taliban take refuge in their own havens.

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