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Security, district councils election will be precondition for Loya Jirga: Arg

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2016)


Officials in Presidential palace have declared that ensuring security and holding of district council’s election are the preconditioning of Loya Jirga to be held in Afghanistan.

President Deputy Spokesman has state that the Government of Afghanistan is committed to hold Loya Jirga, while officials in chief executive office warned that there are some figures who are trying to abolish the following office by holding chief executive office.

Based on the National Unity Government agreement loya Jirga should be held and Afghanistan’s constitution should be adjusted.

President Deputy Spokesman Dawa Khab Meba Pall said,” Afghanistan Government is committed to hold Loya Jirga and declares the pre condition of for holding Loya jirga district councils elections.”

Meanwhile officials in CE office have insisted on the implementation of the National Unity Government political agreement by both leaders and have warned further that it will be too risky to cancel the chief executive post.

CE adviser Daud Asas said,” there are some figures who are willing to cancel CE office by holding the election or Loya Jirga.”

Professor Nasratullah Stanikzai said,” it will not be possible to hold Loya Jirga within 6 months, President can establish other administrative posts, or gives order for continuation of the CE post.”

The following disagreements comes after that US state secretary John Kerry who visited Kabul last time and most of Afghans know him as trouble shooter has announced that National Unity Government will last for 5 more years.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri

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