Second Tribunal of Ex-Minister Ends Without Result

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2018)

The second open trail of former Minister of Communications and Information Technology Abdul Razaq Wahidi ended without certain result.

Representatives of local and international organizations, as well as civil society groups, were present in the courtroom to witness the high-profile trial.

Wahidi was accused of corruption, misuse of authority and controlling a 10 percent tax on mobile users.

The accused minister emphasized that there is no corruption document about him and he has victimized of political conspiracies by the government.

He noted that the colleting the taxes of mobiles were conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the finance minister should has been also summoned for accountability.

The ex-minister also accused some circles in the government who want to destroy the system because of its transparency.

Finally, after hours of arguments the trail ended without any result and adjourned to the other public hearing.

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