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Scores of Villages under Taliban Attack in Konar Past Several Days

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2014)

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Several villages have been under the Taliban heavy Attacks in Dangam district of Konar Provinces eastern part of Afghanistan in the Past days.

Governmental officials have confirmed that a number of the houses located in Dasra kamar and Shikay villages have been attack by the Taliban heavy weapons.

There is no report on the causality of the attack.

The Security chief of Habibullah Sayedkhial has said,” 6 armed insurgents were killed, 16 of Taliban fighters including 4 local residents have been injured injured during the attack.”

Heavy fighting continues in between the Taliban fighters and Afghan security forces in the area, two armed choppers supporting the Afghan security forces from the air Afghan security officials said.

Residents have stated that Taliban has taken hostages the local residents and do not allow children and women to leave their houses for safety places.

Local residents have also claimed that none of the houses located within the villages remained unhurt, and several tribal leaders were killed by Taliban accused helping Afghan security forces and the Government.

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