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Saram-e Yasht wins Kabul’s Ping Pong competitions

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2015)

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In competitions entitled “Seven Days With Seven Principles Of Cooperation And Altruism” which was held by Red Crescent and in collaboration of Ping Pong Federation, the Saram-e Yasht team could succeed and win the championships of both men and women’s positions.

After Saram-e Yasht, the Rana University team and Education institute gained the second and the third positions in men’s section.

CCD institution team and Shahid Muhammad Anwari team have also gained the second and third positions in women’s section.

Top athletes of these competitions won the National Team’s Qualifying Memberships.

This comes as Afghanistan’s National Ping Pong team to attend South Asia Championships competitions in the near future.


Reported by Murteza Danish
Edited by Muhammad Zakaria






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