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Sar-e Pol residents complain over oil contractor for not fulfilling commitments

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2016)


Scores of the Sar-i- Pol provincial council members and the residents over the oil extractors for not extracting the oil and none of the residents who are living around those wells are being benefited.

Meanwhile Ministry of Mines and petroleum stated that memorandum of understanding has been signed with contractor and soon it will be implemented.

Residents of Sar-i- Pol urged huge trucked are passing by they always create problems for the residents of this area due to heavy weight it causes that water pipe line to be broken.

Governor of Sar-i-Pol Mohammad Zaher Wahdat said,” the following project responsibility goes to the Ministry of mines and petroleum, the local Government can’t monitor the project process, despite of variety of promises made by the following contractor, none has been fulfilled yet, once they promised to meet the conditions they were agreed on.”

Meanwhile Ministry of Mines and petroleum Spokesman during a telephone conversation said,” the contractor is committed by the cooperation the Ministry whatever is agreed on the contract to be implemented soon.”

Earlier officials in department of water and canalization of Sar-i-Pol have complaimed from the heavy oil tankers passing by and causing financial damages on the water pipes providing drinkable water of the residents.

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