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Salang Highway blocked off for all Traffics: Official

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2016)


Head of the Salang Highway Gen, Rajab has warned all the Traffics who are using salang passes should wait for the alert coming from his address, saying Salang highway has been blocked off due to heavy snow and coming down several avalanches in Northern salang areas.

He said,” the Highway has been blocked early Thursday evening due to heavy snow falls and avalanches.”

His warning comes after that hundreds of passengers are waiting in the two sides of the Salang pass to either come to Kabul or go to North part of the country.

Truck driver Khalid said,” we have been waiting for several hours to see the streets are cleaned out of snow, we asked the Government to help the passengers who are waiting for the highway to be opened soon.”

Salang highway has been built on 1960 by Russia Government supports, but when the winter season comes the Natural disasters takes the life of dozens passengers who are using this road.

Reported by Fawad Nasiri

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