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Safi Mountain threats not a big danger for Kabul

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2015)

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Afghanistan Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoI) has said that threats of Safi Mountains are not a great danger for Kabul City.

Security officials noted that there are enough facilities to avoid Taliban threats near Safi Mountains.

However, Ariananews reporter reported that 30 percent of the territory of the district is occupied by Taliban and the opposition group easily builds war equipment in the area.

Safi Mountain district is one of the most single districts where almost all of the region is populated by Safi tribe.

Although in 1930s Safi Mountain was said to be one of the 2nd most populous district of Parwan after Charakar, but during 1930s-40s the region was depopulated due to Governments pressure to evacuation of area due to Saf’s War on the King.

Majority of its population were displaced or escaped further in the north away from borders of capital Kabul, few escaped to west in modern Herat and many into it India.

“Thirty % of Safi Mountain is under Taliban control and more attention should be on it,” Sayfullah Bidar, chief district of Safi Mountain said.

 But the ministry of interior does not confirm the Taliban’s occupation on Safi Mountain.

The spokesman of defense ministry has also said that Afghan troops have a battalion in the area, security forces are enough and Taliban cannot be a threat for us.

Prior to the rule of Mohammed Nadir Shah majority of Safi and including high class ruling tribal leaders used to settle in Safi Mountain, during the invasion of the Soviets, Safi Mountain was further depopulated, and many infrastructures were destroyed.

During the Taliban, Safi Mountain along with Khan Tota was where the Taliban have concentrated their resources; both districts came under heavy bombing during the US air offensives in 2001.

From 2001-2003 the roads from Kabul to –Safi Mountain were known to be heaven for robbers, gangsters, and anti-US militants, ever since 2004 with many elected members of Safi Clan in the government, many projects were proposed, to make Safi district the next Kardi-see of Kabul.

Although major developments are on the way, so far major roads, clean water, and part-time electricity, has been provided to the people of Kohi Safi.





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