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Saffron Production Should be Accelerated: ACCI

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2017)

2The Deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mohammad Yunus Mohmand said Afghanistan saffron is well-known product in China, UEA, Canada and European markets, insisting that the production of Saffron should be accelerated in the country.

He said, “Afghanistan saffron product is well known in the regional markets, necessary measurements should be adopted for the increasing of the production of saffron to abroad.”

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Agriculture and livestock urged that necessary measurements and planning has been adopted for increasing of the production of Afghanistan Saffron.

1 – We need to produce 14 tons of Saffron incoming 5 years.

2- Afghanistan produced 6500 kilo gram of Saffron last year.

3 – 2800 acres of lands was covered with Saffron.

4 – 500 tons of Saffron bulbs for the farmers.

5- 4 exhibition held to find best markets for Saffron.

Officials in Ministry of Agriculture and livestock also mentioned that we have special policy for production of Saffron, which will pave the way and facilitate the increasing of Saffron products in Afghanistan.

Ministry of Agriculture and livestock Spokesman Lutfullah Rashid said, “We will launch a 5 year policy on to increase the amount of Saffron production in the country for the year of 1396, and plans are underway to distribute 500 tons of Saffron bulbs in 31 provinces of Afghanistan.”

One of the main reasons for Afghanistan Saffron in the markets is the good quality and being delicious.

Afghan farmers began growing Saffron in 2001 and this year.

Afghanistan’s saffron was also named the best saffron in the world for a third time and hit the record, the International taste and quality Institute Brussels, Belgium awarded the accolade after examining some 300 samples earlier this year. 

Reported by: Aslam Ehjaab

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