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Russian Parliament to review Putin’s selection of new PM

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2020)

The parliament of Russia Thursday, January the 16th, will review a not-so-famous tax chief Mikhail Mishustin’s nomination as the new prime minister of Russia, recommended by Vladimir Putin.

After Dmitry Medvedev resigned as Russia’s prime minister along with his whole cabinet, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia nominated Mikhail Mishustin, Wednesday, as the new prime minister of the country.

Dmitry Medvedev and his cabinet resigned right after Putin announced that there will be amendments in the constitution of the country which will cause a remarkable alteration in Russia’s balance of power.

Medvedev said Wednesday that his cabinet’s resignation is aimed to pave the ground for Putin so that he can bring desirable improvements to the constitution.

The proposed amendments in the constitution will mean a transition of power from the presidential cabinet to the parliament.

Putin’s current presidential term closes to an end by 2024. As per the present constitution of the Russian Federation, Putin cannot run for the president anymore. Putin’s proposals for the constitutional amendments may likely enable him to extend his power.

Mishustin, 53, has worked for the Russian since 1998. He has led Russia’s tax services since 2010.

Russia’s new administration will be officially effective after the parliament’s approval. Putin has asked the present cabinet to stay put until the new government takes over.

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