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Russia to provide military equipment for ANSF: Muslimyar

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2015)


Head of the upper house of the parliament Fazel Hadi Muslimyar has stated that Russia Government will provide military equipment for Afghan security forces, after coming month Russia to give 10 thousand Ak 47 from Afghan security forces.

The speeches made since both speakers of the parliaments are visiting Russia for the past several days.

Officials in Presidential palace have also welcomed Russia support on military equipment in combating terrorism in Afghanistan.

Head of senate House Fazel Hadi Muslimyar said,” processing of 10 thousand Ak 47 has been finalized in the session we have had with Russia officials,Russia has also granted our request on equipping our air forces,we have demanded Russia Government to provide one pair of helicopters for single Afghan National Army corps across the country.”

Deputy spokesman for President Sayed Zafar Hashimi said,” Our relationships are based on our National interests, we welcome any military supports from Russia Government on combating terrorism in Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile head the senate house has rejected some accusations imposed by the first deputy of the lower house over the Afghan security forces.

He said,” I have no doubt on current system,they are being combating against terrorists, we have lost dozens to reach in the present position, we are against forming militias, and we support the Afghan security forces under the control of Ministry of Interior Affairs.”

Senate house members have demanded the Government of Afghanistan to assign a delegation over the accusations imposed by the first deputy of the lower house on Afghan security forces, and share the results for the Nation.

Reported by Abdul Aziz Karimi

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