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Russia to exempt taxation of dry-fresh fruits of Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2016)


Officials in Chamber of Commerce and Industry CCI have stated that Russia Government has promised that they will exempt Afghanistan dry and fresh fruits to pay taxes in the future.

Officials are optimistic over the fresh decision made by the Russian Government saying this will significantly boost the economy and grow the mutual business routes.

Deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Baz Mohammd Baz said,” This is big achievement for the economy of Afghanistan and it also encourage the Afghan businessmen to export huge amount of both dry and fresh fruits to Russia, Russia Government has also promised to build cold storage for the harvest of Afghanistan to be maintained longer and provide more benefits in Northern part of the country.”

Members of the National Assembly have welcomed the decision made by Russia Government, declaring a big step for boosting mutual economy.

Mp Chamansha Itimadi said,” Dry and fresh fruits mutual business in between the Russia- Afghan Government is growing, this will benefit the most the Afghan formers to plan more and get more, asking the Government let’s not lose the current opportunity.”

Based on the information from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Afghanistan is having about $800 million mutual business ties with Russia, the current decision will increase the number higher.

Reported by Aslam Hejaab

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