Russia to Exchange Oil Instead of Fruits from Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2015)

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Russia Government has decided to exchange its Oil and Gas instead of Fruits coming from Afghanistan, Afghan officials in chamber of commerce and industry have said,”a Russia delegate who is visiting Afghanistan has demanded this exchange from Afghan Governmental officials.”

Officials in chamber of commerce and industry said by the implementation of such plan from one hand will decrease the price of Oil and Gas and from the other hand it will improving the exporting of the fruits from Afghanistan to Russia and other countries.

Deputy of chamber of commerce and industry Khan Jaan Alkozai has stated that Afghanistan fruits markets closely related to the neighboring countries markets,beside that it will decrease the price of Oil and Gas in the country,he also urged that there will be fresh fruits get rotten, farmers will no more suffer from their fruits stuck in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and industry Minister’s spokesman Musafer Qoqandi said,” we are optimistic and we deeply welcome such exchanging of goods in between Afghanistan-Russia, we announce to all other countries in the world if any of the countries willing to do exchanging of goods specially on Oil and Gas we will sign the contract.”

Speaking on the issue Afghan economy experts have expressed their optimisms and said,”the exchanging of goods in between Afghanistan-Russia Will decrease Oil Gas Prices and also will make Afghan farmers to be more interested what they do and it will also make grown Afghanistan Agriculture.”

Afghan economy expert Kakojan Naizi has said,” currently we export 5 % but import 95% if this agreement to be signed it will make Russia Investors to come to Afghanistan and invest.”

Officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industry have said Russia is the closest markets for Afghanistan, after the processing of the goods Russia will deliver Oil and Gas to Afghanistan markets through Turkmenistan and Tajikistan countries by Railways.

Reported By: Nimatullah Ahmadi.


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