Russia, Tajikistan Regularly Support Taliban in Kunduz: Sources

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017 5:53 pm)

news-1437637788-0_0Russia and Tajikistan regularly support Taliban in finance and military sectors in Kunduz province and make them ready for the new war season, sources told Ariananews.

According to sources, Iran also train a number of Tajikistani fighters in its soil and replace them in some parts of Kunduz province.

Sources further added that Russia, Iran and Tajikistan send arms and weapons to Taliban group in three districts of Kunduz province.

The governor of Kunduz has also confirmed ties between Taliban and Russia, Iran and Tajikistan, saying the groups is seeking to be equipped by Russia.

“Around three thousand Taliban fighters are activating in Kunduz and based on information, Russia and Tajikistan military and financially support Taliban fighters in Imam Saheb, Dasht-e Archi and Qlay-e Zall districts to fight against the Afghan government,” said Asadullah Amar Khail, governor of Kunduz.

Media outlets are continuing to report on the fragile situation in Kunduz, and some updates appear to indicate that the city center is in danger. The collapse of the city center is a major setback for Ghani’s administration and marks the second time the city has fallen to the Taliban in the past two years.

By ZackArya and Baees Hayat

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