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Russia Should Engage with U.S. to Ensure Peace in Afghanistan: Congressman

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2017 10:12 pm)

vlcsnap-2017-05-19-17h40m22s248U.S. Congressman from Virgin’s 5th district, Tom Garrett says Russia should be engaged with the United States in hoping for stable, secure and peaceful Afghanistan.

In a brief interview with Ariana News in the United States, Garrett said that Russia should work with the U.S. to ensure security and stability in Afghanistan, instead of backing the Taliban insurgent elements in the country.

“Russia should be engaged with the United States in hoping for stable, secure and peaceful Afghanistan, and being engaged with militant elements as Taliban is not can do so to that end.”

The Garret said that the United States wants to work with Afghan government to make corruption at minimum and to make sure his country do everything with soft power.

“The United States obviously intervene in Afghanistan, following the Taliban’s decision to harbor Al-Qaeda who attacked the United States in September 11th; I think we intervene successfully so now we have a fledgling government in place and we want to work to ensure that corruption is at minimum and the opportunity is at maximum, everything we can do with soft power that is without bombs, bullets and missiles we should do.”

The U.S. Congressmen further said that presence of the Daesh and Al-Qaeda and some insurgent elements of pre-2001 Taliban have threatened the Afghan government, adding that his country has the duty to provide stability in Afghanistan.

He said: “It is mistake for the United States to perpetually try to impose American ideals on other nations, we should led people have self determination to the extent that with that self determination there is also tolerance and some peace, there is  security and stability that people can live in the world where they have control on their own government  and etc.”

In response to a question whether the U.S. President Donald Trump will consider sending more troops to Afghanistan, he said:

” We started the mission over there, the goal should be peace and stability to the extent that we can achieve it, and that is the right thing to do, have said that at some point you have to say we have done what can do here and consider other alternatives.”

By Nazira Azeem Karimi and Shakib Mahmud 

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