Russia Reacts to Media Reports about Moscow Supporting Taliban

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2017)


Russia strongly reacts to media reports about alleged financial and logistical support of the Taliban by Moscow and calls it “groundless accusations”.

“It is surprising that statesmen, deputies and high-ranking police officers based on rumors and conjectures and without providing the public any evidence allow themselves to publicly make irresponsible accusations against Russia in financing and supporting terrorism,” Russian embassy in Kabul said in a statement on Sunday.

The statement also rejects remarks by Afghan parliamentarian regarding the visit of the Russian military delegation with the Pakistani military to North Waziristan.

They also firmly reject the notion the delegation was visiting Taliban training camps in the region.

Recently, top U.S. generals and Afghan officials have accused Russia for providing aid to the Taliban in Afghanistan in an effort to undermine the United States.

But Moscow emphasizes that the U.S. intelligence agency which is equipped with the latest technology has been unable to submit any evidence to prove the claim of Russia support to the Taliban.

“It is strange that no photo or video material has been submitted so far,” the embassy statement added.

Russia says it sees “a staged campaign of the so-called black PR people” behind these allegations which aims “to distract public from the failure of their own employers and divert attention to a non-existence enemy”.

This comes as earlier Russia has confirmed contacts with the Taliban insurgent group, adding that the contacts aimed at inviting the group to the negotiating table.

By Hesamuddin Hesam

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