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Russia Reacts to Afghan Spy Chief Remarks of Moscow Support to Taliban

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2018)

The Embassy of Russia in Kabul has reacted towards the remarks of the Afghan Intelligence Chief Mohammad Massoum Stanekzai regarding the alleged support of Moscow to the Taliban militant group.

Russian Ambassador to Kabul Alexander Mantytskiy on Tuesday stated that Russia is repeatedly saying that providing no support to Taliban movement in Afghanistan.

Mantytskiy, however, confirmed that most of the ISIS fighters from Iraq and Syria may come to Afghanistan which can pose a threat to Central Asian countries. He said Russia has taken security measures along Afghan border regions.

This comes days after Afghan Chief of National Directorate of Security (NDS) said that Russia and Iran are supporting the Taliban, pretending that the group is fighting against ISIS militants in Afghanistan.

Stanekzai said Taliban play a central role in moving ISIS fighters to north of Afghanistan.

Separately, Russian embassy said that it has offered scholarships for Afghan military to receive relevant training up to six years in Russia.

Welcoming the Moscow support to Afghan military, Deputy Minister of Defense Gen. Iqbal Ali Naderi said the Afghan young officers need such scholarships to receive military training in Russia and rejoin Afghanistan’s army.

‌By Shakib Mahmud & Rafi Sediqi 

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