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Russia Has Taken ‘Flexible’ Approach towards Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2017)

Despite concerns over the activities of Islamic State in northern parts of Afghanistan, Russia was being softer on Kabul, the Chief Executive Office said Monday.

 Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah after SCO meeting in Sochi on Friday told reporters that despite, Russia concerns over the expansion of Daesh activities, particularly in north of Afghanistan, Moscow approach towards Kabul was softer than it has been in the past.

“The government will attempt to agree Russia on security cooperation with the United States in Afghanistan,” said Mujib Rahman Arez, a Spokesman for the Chief Executive Office.

 The Afghan Foreign Affairs Ministry, meanwhile, urged Moscow to reveal its policy against the militant groups in Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan shouldn’t be involved in cold and warm war against foreign countries,” said Sebghatullah Ahmadi, the Deputy Spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry. “The U.S. strategy against terrorist groups is clear, Russia should also make its policy clear towards Afghanistan.”

This comes as earlier, Russia has warned against Daesh activities in Afghanistan, following the reports in which claimed that Moscow is supplying the Taliban to fight against Daesh insurgents in the country.

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