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Ring Road Connects Faryab-Badghiz-Herat Failed to be asphalted

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2014)

PicThe High way ring road which connects Faryab, Baghiz to Herat Provinces has already lost $ 200 million directly and indirectly.

Acting Minister of Finance said,” the following loss has been made due to poor management, in Ministry of public works.”

However the former Minister of public works Najeebullah Ozhan believed that the contract for the following project doesn’t meet our standards and the construction company who has been ready to accomplish the ring road construction was a thief.

Still the acting Minister of the public works has refused the following claims made.

The ring road from Qaisair district of Faryab all the way to Laman area of Herat Province lengths 233 kilo meter with the cost of $397 million supported by the Asian Development Bank its contract has been signed with joint US-Turkey construction companies (EMJV) and the project was supposed to be accomplished within 4 years by now.

This ring road is counted as one of the high way roads in Afghanistan which connects three provinces Faryab- Badghiz to Heart.

Former Minister of Public works Najeebullah Ozhan said,” the (EMJV) construction company after about one year has left the construction of the road and escaped from Afghanistan, the following company has received $107 million in advance which cashed out $12 million from its Bank account and left the country.

EMJV Company has had second hand construction companies do the rest 10% of its responsibility with the less amount of money.

Officials in Ministry of finance claimed that we have reminded the officials in Ministry of public works for such huge loss of $200 million coming from the construction phase of the ring road.

Former Minister of Public Works has rejected the claimed said,”the following construction company has come to Afghanistan to loot money related to the case the officials in Asian Development bank are involved in taking bribes.

Among those robbers, the third company named Oil International who had the responsibility of monitoring has received $30 million and deputy protection of public has gained $50million, and the second hand construction companies has spent $25 on the road construction and yet they receive their money.

Head of the road construction company Shawali said,” we have told to the deputy of the Ministry of Public works NoorGul Mangal that the EMJV responsible willing to flee from the country, he didn’t listen to our voice.”

 Acting Minister of Public works Mangal though doesn’t provide clear reasons why the company left the country still speaks out about the challenges which the construction company used to tackle with, the main reason to leave the country has not been clear whether they have been frightened to death or.”

 There are some documents existed that the EMJV owed several Afghan construction companies for their construction work, even this issue has been taken to the court once in awhile .

Based on the court documents the officials for the construction company (EMJV) were not permitted to leave Afghanistan but due to some mediators from Afghan Government they flee from the country.

 Former Minister of Public Work Najeebullah Ozhan has said,” I have asked the EMJV and Asian development Bank Officials for the termination of the contract.

Officials in Ministry of Finance rejected his claim saying the EMJV has asked for termination of the contract because Ministry of public works doesn’t follow the condition of the contract.

This comes after that Afghanistan has been awarded as the fourth corrupted countries in the world.



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