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Restriction of Media Outlets in Public Service Institutions Illegal: Afzali

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2017)

In-Afghanistan-a-boost-in-the-media-but-more-journalists-at-risk-672x372The chairman of Access to Information Commission, Akram Afzali says restriction of media outlets in public service institutions is an illegal action.

The commission declares that government through the system is trying to hide the deficiencies in the respective bodies.

Currently, reporters can’t report on schools and hospitals without an official permission paper issue by ministries of education and public health.

“When they are trying to limit access of reports in these institutions, the government somehow wants to cover abusing there. We don’t see any reason beyond that,” Sayed Ekram Fazli, Head of commission for access to information said.

“The law for access to information and the law for Medias accept broader access of reporters and public to information from public organizations and there is no need for any official paper accessing them,” Mujeeb Khelwatgar, CEO for Nai, a media supporting body said.

Recently, president Ghani didn’t allowed a reporter during a presser to ask his question only for the question wasn’t suits the main agenda of the press conference. The act has been widely criticized the by the government.

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