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Residents Protest Against Use of Black Films in Vehicles

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2017)

A number of Kabul residents on Tuesday staged a protest and urged the government to remove black films and tinted glasses from cars.

The protesters were reasoning that most of criminal activities, human and drugs trafficking are being carried out in vehicles with dark glasses.

Najibullah Kabuli, leader of Musharakat-e Milli party said,” if the government is issuing licenses for vehicles with black films, they must understand that the people of Afghanistan hate it”.

Kabuli continued,” vehicles with black films are belong to powerful commanders and Afghan parliamentarians who are all mafias. The people cannot raise their voice against these type of people”.

Participants warned the government of organizing huge demonstrations if government do not take a concrete action in this regard.

“I hope government end this issue. Vehicles with black films are the main root of every problem,” said Fardin Fadaee a demonstrator.

Afghan lawmakers, government high-ranking officials and influential politicians are said to use vehicles with dark glasses in Kabul and provinces.

“If government want to remove black films and tinted glasses from the cars, first they should start from themselves. They should apply the law equally,” MP Mohammad Azim Mohseni reasoned.

Despite of repetitive requests, the ministry of interior denied to make a comment about the subject.

This request come as the government had launched several operations in the past to peel off the black films, but the drive was less successful when it comes to powerful figures.

By Elaha Omari & Hesamuddin Hesam

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