Residents Decide to Fine Families Preventing Girls from Attending to Schools

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2018)

Tribal elders and residents of Musa Khil district in Khost province have decided to fine with five thousand Afghanis as a punishment those families that prevent their daughters from going to schools.

Gulab Mangal district governor of Musa Khil who was speaking at a gathering said the tribal elders have committed to send their daughters to schools as they are sending their boys.

Manadeer Mangal a tribal elder told Ariana News that if we allow our daughters to go to schools and study especially medical section, the rate of maternal mortality will decrease.

Sayedullah Haqmal a resident of the area who was reading a signed commitment letter said,” the tribal elders, religious scholars, youth and all residents of Musa Khail have committed to punish those who are not letting their daughters to go to school.”

At the same event, Naseer Ahmad Roshan director of education department in the province said people will cooperate in opening schools for girls, adding he will raise their voice in the government and aid organizations.

“We will call on the NGO’s that our people are ready to send their boys and girls to schools. They want education but there is no facilities and equipment,” Roshan said.

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