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Repaired Bank Notes Becomes Problematic in Small Business Transactions

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)

CaptureA number of sellers in Kabul say the repaired bank notes have been created many problems and most of the inhabitants avoid using them in their transactions.

After the announcement of the Central Bank about the cancelation of damaged bank notes by the end of the current year, now most of the inhabitants do not take the repaired bank notes.

“People have been shocked what to do, when the government announced to cancel damaged bank notes by the end of the current year. No one accepts the repaired bank notes since then,” said Shamsuddin, a seller in Kabul.

“Most of our problems are with the customers who do not accept the repaired bank notes,” said Muhammad Alem another seller in Kabul.

A number of other residents compliant over the situation of that made by damaged bank noted that have also made them confused.

“A shopkeeper takes the repaired bank note but a driver avoid receiving it, one takes it another rejects, we are confused what to do,” said Naeem, a resident of Kabul.

Meanwhile, officials in the Central Bank say the repaired bank notes are among the old ones and have credit in the market and has no problem.

According to statistics of the Central Bank, more than 70 million damaged AFN have been collected in less than a month.

By Lida Neiazi and Zackarya

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