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Remittance biggest way of money laundry in Afghanistan: IWA

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2016)


Officials in Integrity Watch of Afghanistan IWA said the biggest way of money laundering is to transfer money through remittances Nationwide.

The recent report released by the Integrity Watch of Afghanistan indicating that one of the ways where huge numbers who are trying to get exempted paying taxation transfer money through remittances.

One of the priorities of the National Unity Government is to combat corruption where the officials couldn’t gain significant achievements on the aspect in the past years.

Part of the report explains that 65 percent of Afghanistan currency is wasted through money laundry, exemption of taxation, and using remittances.

In the report it is mentioned that about $70 billion came from Narcotic drug and has been injected within the markets.

Different factors which expands corruption within the country are as follows

1-      Exemption to pay tax

2-      Construction phase

3-      Excavation industry

4-      Hiding workers identity by the Business companies in order not to pay taxes.

5-      Only 20 businessmen who are using remittance are registered.

6-      $4,5 billion was taken out of Hamid Karzai Airport on 2011.

Professor Sayed Masoud said,” i confirm that insurgents can easily being benefited from such kind of transferring of money, Afghan Government specially the security council is responsible to deal with this situation.”

Officials in Integrity Watch Afghanistan have said ignoring law on remittance has been a suitable way for those who are trying to inject their black money into the markets.

“There is a law for remittance in Afghanistan but unfortunately its being ignored, law makers should read it carefully and obliged the Government to get implemented journalist Reshad Hashimi said,”

 Its said that the integrity watch Afghanistan has suggested different things to decrease the illegal money transferring, implementation of the law, clear rules of law from the Government side, improving the way of reporting on remittance.

Reported by Ali Asghari


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