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Religious scholars urge government to be flexible in Peace talks with Taliban

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2015)


First deputy of former president, Younis Qanoni stressed that the government should use the available opportunities provided for Peace Talks with the armed Taliban group.

Younis Qanoni, first deputy of outgoing president says, “Opportunities have been provided for peace and stability and government should seriously take the advantages of these opportunities. Fighting with each individual group is not the solution.”

Qanoni considers linking violence to Islam is a political project and fighting with extremist groups is not the solution.

Meanwhile, a large number of religious scholars criticized the continuation of violence in the country, urging the government to be flexible in starting peace talks with Taliban.

Afghan religious scholars believe that the true image of Islam should be shown and presented to the world.

They emphasized that there are the involvement of individuals to make Islam notorious and criticized the neighboring countries of their efforts to end war in Afghanistan.

Quttbuddin Helal, former deputy of Gulbodin Hekmatyar said, “Despite the government is not legitimate but the two parties should be flexible for peace talks and do not suggest any pre-condition for the process.”

Shahzada Shahid, member of high peace council said, “Taliban should also an honest preparation for start of negotiations.”

Peace, stability and quieting the flame of war has been a permanently dream for many years. Afghanistan government is also considers Pakistan the only window to bring Taliban to peace negotiation table; a country that always support the extremist groups and never stood by its commitments.


Reported by Fawad Naseri


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