Religious Scholars Play Effective Role in War, Peace: HPC

(Last Updated On: December 26, 2017)

Afghanistan religious scholars can play an effective role in war and peace in the country, the High Peace Council (HPC) said.

HPC held a 2-day advisory meeting with nearly 700 religious scholars from all across the country to find solutions for reaching a lasting peace.

“Religious scholars’ efforts can bring peace. Their cooperation and coordination have effective impacts for the factions involved in war. They also can provide facilities for peace negotiations,” said Karim Khalili, the chairman of HPC.

With releasing a statement, the religious scholars also called on the armed oppositions, particularly the Taliban group to stop killing people and follow their goals through legal channels.

“Taliban must accept Afghan led-peace process. They should solve their demands through peace talks and stop killing innocent people,” said Ataullah Fayzani, a religious scholar.

The statement further added that the neighboring countries should stop interfering in Afghanistan’s affairs.

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