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Religious Scholars Announce Jihad Against Pakistan

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2015)

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Afghanistan Clerics Council announced Jihad against Pakistan and declared it an obligation for people.

Dozens of religious scholars in Shah Shahid area of Capital, Kabul in a gathering declared jihad against the neighboring Pakistan; a country that every day kills Afghan innocent people, according to them.

They strongly warned that if terrorist attacks continue they will bring up to the National Army ranks and fight against terrorists.

Condemning the recent terrorist attacks in Kabul, religious clerics are said to believe that Pakistan sends terrorists to Afghanistan.

“Jihad against Pakistan is obligatory, we support those who jihad against Pakistan. We sand against the country that exceeds the territorial integrity of Afghanistan,” Abdul Basir Haqqani, member of Clerics Council said.

Some also say that if terrorist attacks continue, they will wear National Army uniform and stand in Army ranks.

“Afghan people will not be silent anymore, we called on both leaders of the government to stop their differences,” Aziz Mufleh, one of religious scholars said.

Meanwhile, the families of Shah Shahid victims said that Afghanistan must determine its enemy and friends.

They claimed that they are ready to sacrifice but not give up to terrorism.

Shah Shahid incident declared one of the biggest disasters of terrorist attacks in the recent years in which dozens were killed and more than hundreds were wounded.


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