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Rejection of Top Security Officials Resignations Draws Mixed Reactions

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2018)

The sudden resignations of the Defense, Interior Ministers and the head of National Directorate Security have drawn various reactions from several political figures.

The senior security officials seem to pay the price of their negligence by issuing resignations.

The Taliban’s four day clashes with security forces in Ghazni, the fall of several checkpoints to the Taliban in the north, the Islamic State (IS) attack in the west of Kabul and the group’s mortar attack on the Presidential Palace in the first day of Eid are the recent controversial incidents in the country which raise questions over the responsibilities of these three security officials.

Following the recent bloody incidents, the Defense Minister Tariq Shah Bahrami, Interior Minister Wais Barmak and National Directorate of Security head Masoom Stanekzai had submitted their resignations on Saturday, hours after National Security Adviser Hanif Atmar quit.

But today, President Ghani rejected their resignations and called on them to remain at their posts and “work toward the betterment of the security situation.”

The national security adviser Haneef Atmar on Saturday resigned, in a blow to the embattled unity government before parliamentary elections scheduled for October.

After the resignation of Atmar, the resignation of three senior security officials raise questions for the politicians which they consider it a strategic plan for the upcoming election.

“Basically, the resignations of these officials are not for the betterment of security situation but are for engineering the upcoming election and electoral programs,” Asef Ashna, a political activist said.

President Ghani has always been criticized due to the security challenges in the country.

“Security officials knew that they have the problem in the security sector and politely resigned, but President Ghani rejected because he does not have any replacement for them,” Jawid Kohestani, military expert asserted.

Abdul Jabar Qahraman, another military expert added, “The security officials have not been effective in the past. No changes will come after their resignation would be accepted. The situation in battlefields should be changed.”

Previously, the political parties and people have called for the resignation of security officials after occurring any incidents; but now President Ghani rejected their submitted resignations.

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