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Red Crescent help treat 11000 Afghans over last decade

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2020)

Red Crescent help treat 11000 Afghans over the last decade Red Crescent Afghanistan say that it has helped treated some 11,000 patients – children and the old – in the last decade.

Officials of Red Crescent Afghanistan say that most of the subjects were patients of ASD, severe burns and orthopedics.

Husn Banu Ghazanfar, acting director of the Red Crescent, said that 73 children who had been sent to Germany for treatment of burns and orthopedics returned after 6 months.

Speaking at the return of the cured children Sunday, she noted that because the government and health care services do not have the capacity to help cure the children, the Peace Village Germany helps with the treatment of Afghan children every year.

Ghazanfar says, “The Red Crescent’s mission is to help treat those children who cannot be attended by the government and/or other health care services – especially the ASD patients – so we make it possible with the help of other countries.”

Mohammad Salim Bahramand, head of health care at the Red Crescent, says, “Last year, over 1900 children with ASD were helped treated, and 82 more are expected to return to the country in 5 months.”

In the meantime, children who were suffering from severe burns and broken bones, have been recovered, and have expressed their gratitude for Germany.

The Red Crescent further stresses that Germany has helped nearly 5,000 Afghan children, who were suffering from severe burns, orthopedics, and ASD, over the last 3 decades, and that the aid is continual.

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