Recreation Park opened in Khost

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2013)

Construction work has been completed for a new recreational park in Khost Province, according to municipality of Khost officials.

The current recreation park was built by the municipality of Khost at a cost of 48 million Afghanis on the west side of the city and is now ready for utilization.

The Governor of Khost, Abdul Jabar Naemi, said, “The park has been made on 200 acres of land the top of the hill called Maton.”

According to Jabar, the recreational park is surrounded by trees to protect and prevent any damage to the property of the park in the future.

The road to the Park has been asphalted and a parking area for vehicles has been provided.

The new park has been created in an ideal location where it will add to the beauty of the city.  It will also be a suitable place that will provide for many of the recreational needs of the residents.

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