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RLC Postpones Its Third Meeting Over Disagreements

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2019)

The third meeting of Reconciliation Leadership Council has been postponed for an unknown period of time due to disagreements between the politicians and the leadership of the Afghan government.

On Saturday, sources told Ariana News that there are disagreements over the formation of the negotiating team and the combination of Qatar delegation.

Mohammad Umar Daudzai, the Spokesman of the Council said that politicians have different views on a number of issues, adding that everyone wants to have a major role.

“If we don’t have our intra-Afghan dialogue, possibly the sixth round of U.S.-Taliban talks will not begin,” Daudzai said.

Meanwhile, ensuring the existence of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, holding elections, women rights, freedom of speech and a complete ceasefire are the Afghan government red lines for peace negotiation with the Taliban insurgent group.

At the same time, reports suggest that former President Hamid Karzai has organized a meeting with the Afghan politicians following disagreements over members of the negotiating team and Qatar delegation.

This comes as the Taliban insurgent group have repeatedly rejected direct talks with the Afghan government. But the group has held at least five rounds of direct talks with the U.S. representatives and one round of talks in Moscow with Afghan politicians.

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