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Recent sleet left life, financial losses – Paktika

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2020)

The Paktita’s department for natural disaster management said that the recent showers, especially snowfalls in the Warmamai district of Paktika, took the lives of six people.

Ali Aqa, head of the department for natural disaster management, said that three people died of roof collapses, and the other three passed away on their way to the Health Clinic because of the severe cold.

Ali Aqa added that apart from the deaths, people have suffered financial losses as well, saying that “200 sheep” was found dead in the Warmamai district.

Furthermore, many families were displaced from several districts of Paktia to its capital, Gardiz, due to clashes between Afghan security forces and the Taliban. These families, including children and women, are living with no shelters, under snowfalls, and in a very critical situation.

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