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Recca Summit Proves Donors Still Support Afghanistan:Experts

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2015)



Holding of the Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA-VI) has approved that Afghanistan hasn’t been fallen from the attention of the International community.

A number of the political experts have insisted that holding of such regional summit has added up to the value of the Afghanistan for international community and has paved the ways for drawing more investments in the country.

As the Recca entered into the second day of the Recca session where 30 countries and 40 international NGOs have attended this will add more credit to Afghanistan for holding such important regional summit in Kabul.

Political Expert Nasratullah Istanikzai said,” in the following summit Afghanistan gained more credits of trusts from International community, it will pave more ways for boosting our economy.”

“Despite of a lot of challenges in Kabul Afghan Officials have held RECCA summit and this has proved that Afghanistan hasn’t been forgotten by the International community the other Political expert Ahmad Saiedi said.”

Political expert Taher Hashimi said,” this depends to the Government how to gain the regional and World countries attentions in order to resolve its problems within its Government.”

After Taliban regime falls several National and international summits were held about Afghanistan, most of the experts believed that the way of using sources were wrong and Government has failed to do so in order to fulfill the International community demands.

Reported By Fawad Nasiri.


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