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Rebels Are More Equipped Than ANSF: Daudzai

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2014)


Acting Interior Minister Muhammad Omar Daudzai has said in some provinces the armed oppositions are more equipped with advanced weapons than the Afghan National Security Force (ANSF).

Addressing a three-day meeting of Joint Armed Forces examining security challenges Wednesday in Kabul, the acting interior minister called on the international community to consider equipage of Afghan forces.

“In most areas the rebels have more advanced weapons than our police,” Daudzai said. “It is totally unfavorable that instead of us, the rebels are more equipped.”

Also present at the event was the Chief Executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah, asking the United States to respond positively to the needs and requirements of the Afghan forces.

“We expect our international allies to listen to the problems of our forces, their training and equipping and also other issues,” Abdullah said.

But the general commander of NATO troops in Afghanistan, General John Campbell, who was also present at the event, rejected the claim of acting interior minister that Taliban are more equipped than the Afghan forces.

“Afghan forces are already equipped but we are working to provide them more advanced equipment, currently we are replacing their old weapons with the new ones, after Afghanistan signed accords with US and NATO, now we are committed to remove all shortcomings and fulfill the needs of the forces,” Gen. Campbell noted.

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