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Reason Behind Delay of Moscow Conference Revealed

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2018)

A day after the Moscow summit postponed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said the summit delayed due to the contradiction of Afghan government’s peace perspectives.

MoFA considers one of the contradictions is the invitation of the Taliban group as one of the parties participating in the conference.

“It was completely a different format that Taliban participates as one of the parties which were far from consensus. We need consensus to talk in with this format,” Nasir Ahmad Andisha, deputy minister of foreign affairs for administration and resources.

However, it is not clear that when Kabul and Moscow would reach an agreement about the time of holding the summit and its contents.

The Taliban showcased its eager to participate at the Moscow summit, but Washington and Kabul refused to attend the conference due to the lack of coordination with the Afghan government.

“The dangerous things are the powerful seek interests in Afghanistan issue, U.S. and Russia’s differences in the region, Russians seek their interests in Moscow summit and the U.S. seek its interests in Qatar and other places,” Nasrullah Istanikzai, a university teacher asserted.

In the meantime, some of the former Taliban members claim that after the delay, the Taliban group would not attend the next summit.

“The delay in Moscow summit caused U.S. peace efforts to face doubts and incertitude. It was better for the Afghan government and U.S. to participate the summit. Now it seems that the Afghan government follows its policy through the U.S. strategy,” Nazar Muhammad Motmaeen, an ex-Taliban member added.

This comes as the Uzbekistan foreign ministry leading a delegation visited Afghan leaders and talked over-fulfilled commitments in the Tashkent summit which include support and cooperating Afghan peace process.

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