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Raziq Takes Noor’s Stand on Gov’t, Says No One Can Fire Him

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2018)

Abdul Raziq, a top general and the provincial police chief of southern Kandahar province says the government cannot sideline and remove him from the post, insisting that he has been appointed based on the demands of Kandahar people.

 “The current government has neither appointed me, nor it can remove me. I have been appointed based on the demands of Kandahar people and I will leave based on Kandahar residents’ demands,” Raziq said in the interview with a local radio station in Kandahar.

Commenting on Noor’s dismissal, Raziq said that he still considers him the governor of Balkh province.

He said the government is a coalition government and that the recent decisions of National Unity Government leaders are not in the country’s interest.

His remarks come days after, the ousted Governor of Balkh Noor claimed that the government will attempt to oust the police chief of Kandahar Raziq as part of their conspiracies against the influential figures.

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