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‘Rastakhez Taghir Movement’ Continues Protest, Demanding Resignation of Gov’t Leaders

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

The “Rastakhez Taghir (Resurrection of Change) Movement” once again staged a protest in Kabul on Monday, asking for the resignation of government leaders and security officials.

Protesters warned collapse of the system, if the government leaders do not resign from their positions.

“The government leaders must resign from their positions because of inability to manage the country and preventing the collapse of the whole system,” said Parwani, a member of Rastakhez Taghir Movement.

Angry protesters accused the Presidential Palace-(ARG) of monopolizing the power, but President’s office in response told Ariananews that they have taken serious measures for reforms and providing the security.

The main demands of the movement are that the international community to recognize the 31 May bombing as a crime against humanity and to act firmly against local and foreign supporters of terrorism, the resignation of the president and the chief executive, the dismissal of the national security adviser, the head of the intelligence and the minister of interior as well as the identification of the perpetrators of the 2 June police shooting.

The Rastakhez Taghir Movement had set up tents in Kabul city after the horrific 31 May bomb attack and in protest against police brutality used during a march they organized on 2 June 2017.

However, Monday’s protest ended peacefully as the armed oppositions of the government have previously targeted the rallies in Kabul.

By: Muhammad ZackArya

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