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Rainfall brings Australia fires down

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2020)

The level of fires has been reduced in the fire-ravaged parts of Australia because of pouring rain and cooler temperature. However, huge blazes are expected by Thursday, officials warned.

Officials have stated that rain fell down the east coast, Sydney to Melbourne, and some parts of New South Wales; however, huge fires in Victoria and NSW could result in mega blaze. 

Despite the respite, the air quality is still worse and the atmosphere is polluted with smoke. Meanwhile, authorities have been continuously helping thousands of people affected and relocated because of the fires.

According to a BBC report, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said more than A$100,000 would be released for disaster relief – while A$2bn would be committed to recovery over the next two years.

Although Australia has always seen bushfire seasons triggered by high temperatures, for the last couple of months, the country has been fighting the worst of it – reportedly, some 24 people have lost their lives to the fires since September 2019.

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