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Rahmani Says ‘Waiting for National Interest’ But ‘Won’t Retreat’

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2019)

Mir Rahman Rahmani the controversial new Parliament Speaker said on Sunday that he is waiting for the contentment of the opposing side to begin his job as the House Speaker.

“To respect the national interest of the country, I’m waiting for our colleagues to be satisfied based on the parliament’s procedure of internal affairs,” Rahmani said.

The tension in the Parliament erupted after Rahmani, an MP from Parwan province, was announced as the House Speaker at the end of the election process but his rival Kamal Naser Osuli, an MP from Khost province, refused to accept Rahmani’s win.

Rahmani added that he has received the fifty percent plus one vote based on the Parliament’s procedure of internal affairs but some outlaw circles are trying to keep the creating challenges.

“There are some proposals suggesting my resignation but I will never retreat from my position because I have won the highest vote in the history of parliament,” he added.

Rahmani further stresses that there are no legal challenges since he has got the highest vote of confidence.

“I got fifty percent plus one vote and won the election according to article 71 of the Parliament’s procedure of internal affairs. One of my votes was announced invalid while it was not. The problem was created by the outlaw groups,” he further said.

Rahmani’s remarks come after lawmakers have failed to resolve the impasse during the last one month although several committees were formed but ended with no result.

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