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Rah-e-Abrishum Connects Afghanistan to Biggest Business World Way

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2014)


After the establishing of the big business way of rah-e-abrishum located in north-eastern part of the country, Afghanistan will be connected to the World biggest trade markets.

Most of the economy experts believed that the following high way will enable Afghanistan to decrease the price of imported goods and increase exporting to foreign countries..

Afghan Officials and China have agreed to open up the traditional trade way named Rah-e-Abrishum which connects Afghanistan to the world business markets, claiming by establishing of the such highway it will create thousands of jobs opportunities directly and indirectly and it will also end up to boost and accelerate the economy cycles in the country.

Afghan economy expert Azarakhsh Hafizi believed that after establishing of such trade way several types’ goods from Afghanistan will be exchanged to China markets, it will also accelerate the production of goods to move forwards within the country.

Afghanistan experiences much difficulties while importing china goods in from different ways to the country, there is also no trusts for safety and security of goods and life of Afghan traders the other Afghan economy expert Kako jan Niazai claimed.

Establishing of the following highways will enable Afghanistan to build its infrastructures installations within the country, and Afghanistan will also need some raw materials to be imported from China and exchanging of goods in between the two countries.


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