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5th QCG meeting on Afghan peace process to be held: Pakistan

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2016)



Pakistani officials in Ministry of Foreign Affairs have stated that the quadruplicate coordinated group to hold peace talk’s process on Afghanistan incoming month.

They have also concluded that no peace will be ensured through war, however Afghani officials don’t trust Pakistan, saying there is huge difference in between the talks and practice.

Four Nations couldn’t convince Taliban to attend the quadrilateral peace talks process to finalize ensuring peace,now Pakistani officials are pushing through to invite Taliban once again to come to peace table.

Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Zakaria Nafees said,” we are sure to say that the Quadruplicate coordinated group Pakistan, USA, China, Afghanistan to hold its peace talks with Taliban incoming month, bringing Taliban into peace table is not an easy job, but all four Nations are responsible to bring Taliban into peace table.”

Meanwhile Afghan officials in Presidential palace have expressed their distrusts against the fresh words coming from Pakistani side on peace talks process.

President Deputy Spokesman Shah Hussien Murtazavi said,” Pakistan doesn’t say words with clear meaning, Pakistan had promised to all Nations to bring Taliban behind the quadrilateral peace table but didn’t, Afghan Government still don’t believe in.”

Afghan Government has recently decided not to attend any summit until Pakistan presents Taliban into peace table.

Reported by Ali Asghari


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