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Quartet group agreed on Peace negotiation with Taliban in scheme plan

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2016)


Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the United States agreed for Peace Talks with the armed Taliban group in a scheme plan.

The ministry of foreign affairs says that the direct negotiation with Taliban is expected to take place until the end of February.

The Quartet group called on all Taliban groups to join the Peace Talks with the Afghan government.

“The members of quartet group agreed begin joint efforts for specifying the exact date of direct Peace Talks between Afghan officials and Taliban groups,” said Shakib Mustaghni, spokesman of foreign ministry.

Sartaj Aziz, deputy of Paksitan’s foreign affairs has said that he believes that their joint efforts in this term must be focused on maximum persuade of Taliban groups to join the Peace Talks process.

However, analysts doubt about Pakistan’s sincerity for Peace Talks process and demand the US and China to put needed pressure on Pakistan.

“We need Pakistan for brining peace but our past experiences from Pakistan remain us concerned. It is a positive step but we do not trust on Pakistan a hundred percent,” said Harron Mir, political analyst.

The members of quartet group has held three meetings in Kabul and Islamabad so far, and it is scheduled that the fourth meeting to be held next month.

The four nations will confirm a roadmap to restart the peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban to try to end the civil war in the country that has already dragged on for 15 years.

Given that peace in Afghanistan was crucial to the security and stability of the region, China hoped to strengthen communication with Russia, India, Iran and other countries for “synergy” in contributing towards the process of reconciliation.

High-profile suicide attacks in the capital and significant territorial losses in Helmand province have underlined how far Afghanistan remains from peace without major Taliban factions on board.

The Taliban, which are fighting to restore strict Islamic rule in place before the group was removed from power in 2001, are divided on whether to participate in any future talks.

Some elements have signalled they may be willing to send negotiators at some point, but others remain opposed to any form of negotiation with Kabul.








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