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Putin Says Ready to Work with U.S. in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

Russian President Vladimir Putin Says his country is concerned over the strengthening of terrorist groups in northern Afghanistan.

Speaking at his annual news conference on Thursday, Putin said that Russia is observing the growing threat in Afghanistan from international terrorists.

He claimed that terrorist groups are occupying more and more areas in northern Afghanistan at the border with former republics of the Soviet Union.

Therefore, Putin stated that his country is ready to work together with the United States in Afghanistan against the international terrorists and drug traffickers.

“We are ready to work together with the Afghan government, with the United States and other governments concerned to overcome these difficulties,” he said.

The Russian president believes that Afghan government needs the international community’s support and without economic support, Afghanistan won’t be able to solve all its problems.

Afghanistan welcomes Putin’s remarks, saying it is in line with its policy.

“If Russia, India, China, Pakistan or any other country honestly cooperate with us to bring peace in the heart of Asia, we welcome that,” Defense Ministry Spokesman Mohammad Radmanish told Ariana News.

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