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Protesting Candidates Closed Entrance Gate of Parliament

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2019)

Protesting candidates of Kabul and their supporters on Saturday staged a protest near the National Assembly, preventing the new lawmakers to enter the assembly.

The Lower House of Parliament expected to elect the administrative board and the Speaker of the House today.

Protesting candidates who have won a seat from Kabul based on the preliminary results urged for the announcement of the final results of Kabul parliamentary elections, adding that any decision in the absence of Kabul representatives is illegal.

Shinkai Karokhail a protesting candidate from Kabul said that the parliament should not launch its sessions or the election of administrative board in the absence of Kabul representatives.

“The result of Kabul elections must be announced as soon as possible and the election of the administrative board should be suspended,” Karokhail said.

“We are calling on the President, the Chief Executive, and both electoral bodies to announce the final result of Kabul parliamentary elections,” said Hafizullah Jalili, another protesting candidate from Kabul.

However, Mawlana Abdullah, a commissioner of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) said the final results will be announced in a couple of days.

The official said the announcement was expected on Friday but it was delayed due to some technical problems and closure of IEC due to a protest.

Recently, IECC said that 20 percent result sheets of Kabul parliamentary elections were missing and the electoral commissions were unable to find a solution to the problem.

More than six months have passed since Afghanistan hold the country’s parliamentary elections but the final result of the capital Kabul is still awaiting due to major fraud and mismanagement by the IEC.

Lawmakers who represent Kabul province have 33 of the 250 seats in Afghanistan’s Lower House of Parliament.

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