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Protesters Chanted for Dismissal of Farah Governor and Police Chief

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2018)

Thousands of Farah residents in protest over the recent increase of violence and Taliban deadly attacks against Afghan forces chanted for the dismissal of Farah governor and police chief through a violent demonstration.

The demonstration has reportedly turned to a violent riot after some protesters stormed on security check posts, set on fire and smashed glasses of firefighter’s vehicle.

Some wounded protester claimed that they were beaten hardly by the police forces while police officials described the protest as illegal due to not being informed of holding it previously by the organizers.

Meanwhile the provincial spokesman didn’t provide any figure regarding the number of protesters and noted that the protest was organized and held without notice to the local authorities.

Farah has recently witnessed a series of increased violence and deadly attacks by the Taliban insurgents against Afghan security and defense forces.

Gulbahar Mujahid, a top security official of the province lost his life after he was targeted by a roadside bomb while moving to participate a military operation against the militants in the province.

The Taliban militants are said to have seized the control of many key transit points where they are collecting illegal ‘Tax’ from trucks loaded with importing goods to the country.

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