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Procurement System Reform, Challenges Ahead of Anti-Corruption Efforts in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2017)

GMICExistence of many anti-corruption institutions have paved the way for more corruption in governmental organs as Afghanistan struggles to respond the corruption crisis.

Yama Yari, the General Director of National Procurement Authority, who was speaking in a press conference in Kabul on Wednesday said,” the problem with several anti-corruption institutions will be discussed next weeks in the High Council for Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption where civil society activists and our international colleagues will join us as well and we hope the gathering find a solution to resolve the issues with existence of multiple anti-corruption institutions.”

He insisted that the National Unity Government has inherited corruption from his predecessor and it needs wide and long-term efforts to tackle it.

Yari announced that more than a hundred companies have been black listed by the government of Afghanistan during the last two years as a part of the anti-corruption campaigns.

“More than a hundred private companies participated in the government procurement system have been blacklisted,” Yari added.

Since its establishment, the office of the President National Procurement Authority has approved about 2,100 contracts worth 345 billion Afghanis and according to the officials the commission has saved about 18 billion Afghanis for the war-torn country.

By: Hesamuddin Hesam

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