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Procurement Law ignored on MoD fuel contracts

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2016)


Ariana News has accessed some of the documents indicating corruption within the fuel contracts of Ministry of Defense signed without observing the procurement law a law which was approved by the Government of Afghanistan.

Head of the integrity watch Afghanistan Sayed Ikram Afzali has said,” no basic improvement and transparency has been made by the officials in Procurement department on signing Fuel contracts in the Ministry of Defense, the contracts have been signed in between the MoD and some of the companies who were the former holder contractors”

Document also indicated that bidding process has been limit and only some of the favorite contractors were given the chance to attend the bidding process.

Officials in integrity watch of Afghanistan significantly criticized that Governmental high rankings are involved in taking the fuel contracts from the Ministry of Defense.

They have also stated that the current fuel contracts of Ministry of Defense has been signed with high prices, which will cause 10 $ million damages for the Government of Afghanistan.

“If the bidding process is not clear and open to everyone, it will damage the Government treasury millions of dollars, the contracts should be signed with low price , good quality of fuel, it seems that Top Governmental officials are involved in the following contracts and using the opportunity for their benefits Head of Integrity watch of Afghanistan Sayed Ikram Afzali said.”

Meanwhile Mps in Defense committee of the lower house of the parliament have expressed their concerns on fuel contracts of the Ministry of Defense,saying we have disseminated the following issue to the related departments to draw their attentions but no significant action has been taken against the corruption.

Head of the Defense committee in parliament Humayon Humayon said,” since I m out of the country , I would like to share my knowledge with Afghans that I have reviewed the fuel contracts of Ministry of Defense a month ago and I have disseminated the following information with the Ministry of Defense and Presidential palace, I have told them that not only Afghan Nationals but also International citizens are involved in corruption on MoD fueling contracts, the contracts were given to the former contract holders that means corruption is huge within the contracts.”

Members in Joint committee of monitoring and assessments on corruption have demanded the Government to pursue the issue seriously.

Member of the following committee AbdulAziz Ariayee said,” the initial review indicated that there are some problems existed within the documents which it really needs serious reviewing,earlier there has been some problems within the fuel contracts of MoD, we demand the procurement department to pursue the issue.”

We were trying to bring this issue to Presidential palace official’s ears to have their views on the issue but they have not answered our repeated calls.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee


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