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Probe Commission Orders Parliament Speaker Ibrahimi To Repay 5M Afghanis

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2017)

The assigned commission to probe the corruption allegations against Parliament Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi and the Parliament’s Head of Secretariat Khodai Nazar Nusrat shared its findings on Saturday.

The probe commission said that Nusrat should be suspended from his duty and referred to the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) for further inquires.

Based on  the commission’s findings and decision, Speaker Ibrahimi was asked to repay over five million Afghanis.

 “It is suggested that the parliament’s speaker has to repay 5,399,045 Afghanis – as he spent on purchases for office equipments and hotel,” said, Erfanullah Erfan, the head of probe commission.  

MPs, meanwhile, banned Parliament’s First Deputy Speaker, Humayun Humayun from attending parliament sessions in the next 10 days, followed by MPs Obaidullah Barakzai and Mohammad Lalai 10 and 15 days each.

Parliament’s Speaker agreed to pay the amount. “I don’t have any argument with the commission’s decision, I spent these money in security sector that includes T-walls and… I am ready to repay the money,” Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said.

“I have no objection to the parliament’s decision and I want to issue of corruption to be seriously investigated,” Parliament’s first deputy speaker Humayun Humayun said. 

The Parliament’s Head of Secretariat, however, criticized the probe commission’s decision against himself.

“I don’t agree on this decision It was clear that what is going to happen since start of the investigation process,” Khudai Nazar Nusrat said.

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