Private Sector Invests on Floriculture in Country

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017)

CaptureThe Private Sector has started investing on floriculture in country.

Private Sector invests in different sections as on agriculture, livestock, and horticulture projects in Afghanistan.

A number of people who have invested in floriculture say that they have started exporting their products to United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Russia and they have invested $200.000 on this part.

Afghan farmer Noor Agha Aslam Zada said, “We have started investing and we have good exportation to the other countries, but unfortunately our business does not go very well inside the country.”

Ministry of Agriculture officials said 50 farms are already registered for floriculture business. Spokesman for Ministry of Agriculture, irrigation and livestock, Lutfullah Rashid said,  “We have a very good capacity in floriculture investing in the country and we are continuing working on it.”

However, a number of farmers have asked the government to support them in exporting products to foreign countries.

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