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Price of Vegetables, Fruits Slump in Farah

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2019)

The price of some vegetables and fruits have decreased unprecedentedly in the western Farah province of the country.

For instance, the prices for each kilogram of vegetables like cucumber and eggplant have slumped to one Afghani, the prices for each kilogram of tomato and okra have slumped to three Afghanis, and the price for each kilogram of watermelon has slumped to one Afghani.

The farmers say that in most of the cases their harvests were not sold even with the low prices.

They ask for immediate marketing for their harvests and stress that the government should build fridges. Otherwise, they will quit cultivating vegetables and fruits.

The Agriculture Director of Farah describes the absence of facilities for transmitting the harvests to other provinces especially Kabul as the main reason for the reduction in the prices.

“Recently, some of the merchants told us that when they want to export the products to Kabul lots of their cars are being stopped for several hours because of the problems with the Kabul’s entrance gate scanner,” said Abdulmanan Mateen, the Agriculture Director of Farah.

Farah is among the agriculturally fertile provinces in the west of the country which harvests different kinds of vegetables and fruits.

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